Our Mission

Our primary focus is to serve the needs of all God's children as Christ instructed. We will always strive to meet this end through the energetic, creative and sacrificial actions of fellow Christians called to serve in His light. We will never waiver from being the embodiment of Jesus' teachings on charity and love of neighbor.

Barn of the Angels Ministries is proud to offer three services that are the embodiment of our mission statement. To learn more on how each ministry works and what they offer the community, please click on one of the links below:

Rosary Ramps Ministry

Neighbors in Need Ministry

Ministerial Action Planning Project

Featured E-Book

The EBook titled, Time Under the Cross (Surrendering to the Will of God) written by our founder Ron Enderle, is now available to download. Please click on the Download Now button below to save to your desktop or other device.

2015 Annual Raffle Fundraiser

Our Annual Raffle Fundraiser was July 4th, 2015!
Thank you for all that helped. For information please contact us at